Low & High Voltage Cables

Medium-voltage cables, Building wires, Low fire hazard cables, Fire-resistant cables, Instrumentation and Control cables

Cable Cleats

Comprehensive and diverse range of cable cleats, designed for use within industrial areas and hazardous locations

Cable Glands

Wide variety of electrical cable glands can be used within a large number of applications – including oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, pharmaceutical, transportation and mining to name a few.

Cable Management Support System

Pre-galv, Hot-dip galv, plain oil and supported by comprehensive range of fittings and accessories to meet all your application and environmental needs

Cable Ladder & Tray Systems

Cable ladder system represents a major advance in cable ladder design, providing faster & easier installation, greater cable fill capacity and total flexibility

Earthing & Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection systems and earthing of lighting protection and power systems

Hazardous Area Enclosures

Hazardous area local control stations and custom instrument panels

Explosion Proof Lightings

LED-Luminaires are growing to a large segment of explosion-protected handlamps, industrial- and pendant luminaires, as well as emergency- and common illumination and floodlights

Industrial Electrical Test Tools

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control

Safety Interlock System

Valve lockout is a Universal system, that can complement or even replace, high priced security seals, padlocks and chains

Heat Shrink Tubes

Product range varies from economical commercial sleevings to high technology options

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Battery solutions for many different types of applications

Industrial Plug & Socket Outlets

Protection type, flange, waterproof, high security, protection cover