Wide range of Low , Medium, High Voltage Power, Instrumentation and Control Cables according to Project Specifications and International Standards

Comprehensive and diverse range of cable cleats, designed for use within industrial areas and hazardous locations

Wide variety of electrical cable glands can be used within a large number of applications – including oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, pharmaceutical, transportation and mining to name a few

Complete and flexible cable management support system with comprehensive range of fittings and accessories in a vast selection of sizes and finishes.

A full range of Cable Tray and Ladder System manufactured to the highest standards offering time saving & adaptable design, providing faster and easier installation

Total Solution to all Lighting protection and earthing problems. From design advice to innovative, solution oriented products provides a Total Solution to lightning protection, transient overvoltage, earthing needs

Complete range of Hazardous Area Enclosures including Medium and High Voltage ranges, Control Stations and instrumentation enclosures suitable for both industrial and Hazardous applications

Explosion proof indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for hazardous areas, designed to meet international standards. High quality explosion proof lighting fixtures are available with different housing and finishes including battery backup system

Comprehensive and high quality range of machines and equipment for cable laying industry

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control

Cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion on water or fuel pipelines made from steel, also above-ground structures, such as pier piles, boat hulls, offshore oil platforms, wind farms and other facilities typically designed to last for over 30-years

Valve lockout is a Universal system, that can complement or even replace, high priced security seals, padlocks and chains Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves, industrial machinery, and many other items.

Broad portfolio of power cable joints and splices are made for low, medium and high voltage electrical connection. These are engineered to withstand harsh conditions in extreme environments, providing long-term efficiency and reliability even under heavy pollution levels. Portfolio of products includes heat shrink, cold shrink, gel, and resins

Product range varies from economical commercial sleevings to high technology options for industrial applications

High energy, high voltage, long life, wide temperature lithium-thionyl chloride batteries

Wide range of CEE norm plugs & socket-outlets including wall, panel and surface mounted with different range of IP ratings

Full range of Low, Medium and High Voltage Switchgear, Enclosures & Power Distribution Systems

A full range of PVC cable trunks, conduits and PVC small power enclosures with different IP ratings

Crimping system consists of high quality copper tube products, insulated and uninsulated connectors for termination of switchgears and control panels